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Clockwork Damage Leagues
Get into the Master League and Conquer Victorium!
Clockwork Damage Player Clockwork Damage Player

Clockwork Damage is a Competitive Action RPG set in a Steampunk inspired, dystopian future where a newly discovered planet becomes a deadly battleground.

Players compete against each other for dominance of the planets of Victorium, fighting in deadly battlegrounds and real-time PvP encounters.

Single Player
The Single Player campaign focuses on fighting the corrupt Colonel Tavish that has captured your lover.

A deeper Game Experience for mobile devices

Social Experience
Earn solo and Squad Achievements!
Join together with your friends to compete in Epic Squad Challenges!
Move up the ladder and become the Champion of Victorium!
A Mobile RPG
Tons of Weapons and Gear with different play styles
Gadgets and Special abilities to maximize your battle effectiveness
Skins and Character customization
Travel Victorium
Clear dozens of Islands to get Colonel Tavish!
Fight against Mech Gorillas, Imperial Soldiers and tons of Ravagers!
Play different mission types and Special Events

See it with your own eyes

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