Clockwork Damage Leagues
Get into the Master League and Conquer Victorium!
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Clockwork Damage is a Competitive Action RPG set in a Steampunk inspired, dystopian future where a newly discovered planet becomes a deadly battleground.

Players compete against each other for dominance of the planet Victorium, developing and obtaining deadly new technologies they can use to attack others and turn their own bases into unforgiving death traps.

Single Player
The Single Player campaign focuses on fighting the corrupt military government that wishes to hoard Duridium, a new precious metal found on Victorium.

A deeper Game Experience for mobile devices

Multiplayer Experience
Earn solo and Faction Achievements!
Join together with your friends to compete in Epic Faction Wars!
Move up the ladder and become the Champion of Victorium!
A Mobile RPG
Over 3 Billion different weapons and 1 Billion different armors
5 different Gadgets and 4 different Deployables with 10 ranks for each
All of it for a near infinite amount of gear customization
Build your Empire
Build an impenetrable base to stop your enemies in their tracks!
Build Troop Camps and hire mercenaries to defend against attacks!
Build and upgrade your mines and storage.

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